New patient initial office visit  150
Established patient office visit 100
PPD Test                                50
Flu Test                                  30
Strep Test                              30
Urine Test                              20
Pregnancy Test                       20
EKG                                         45
Freeze wart or skin tag          120
Ear Wax Removal                     80
Partial Nail Removal              120
I&D Abscess, simple              120
Suture Laceration                 120
Mono Test                              10
Glucose Test                           10
STD Panel Test                      200
Womens Hormone Test           80
Wellness Panel                        50
Arthritis Panel                        50
Sports Physical                       100
School Physical                       100
Pre-Employment Physical        150

Services Offered

**These are a few services offered, for additional services and pricing please call our office. **  

          Huntington Beach Family Medicine opened in March 2015. We have a great location on Beach Blvd, which is easily accessible and has lots of parking, just two miles from the beach. It is easy to find for both tourists and locals.
          My mission is to provide high quality, FAST and FRIENDLY care to my patients, both when they are sick and when they are well. I believe high quality care is not only about the medical care I dispense, but about the relationships we have with our patients and their families.
          I also believe that sometimes the most important medical care is education, prevention and reassurance. Every medication and every test can have some unwelcome side effects (including the expense!). My practice philosophy is to choose tests and medications wisely, to prevent unnecessary complications. Read more about this approach to practicing medicine, as endorsed by  more than 50 medical societies and organizations,at

​Huntington Beach Family Medicine, Inc. has a strict NO NARCOTICS POLICY. 
We do not prescribe narcotics or any addictive medication such as Xanax, Ativan, Norco, Vicodin, Adderall or Vyvanse. 
Please contact a Pain Management Specialist or Psychiatrist for these medications. 

Fever and Infections
Ear Infections, sore throats
Coughs and colds
Bronchitis, pneumonia
Eye Infections
Skin infections, abscesses
Vaginitis, STDs
Vomiting and Diarrhea

Minor Surgery
Sutures for lacerations
Removal of sutures, staples
Splinter removal
Drain abscesses
Remove ingrown toenails
Remove warts, skin tags
Skin biopsies

Other aches and pains
Chest Pain
Abdominal Pain

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Gastritis and Reflux
Thyroid disease
INR monitoring

Insect Bites
Stingray Stings
Wound and burn care

Lab draw in house

IUD Insertion
Peak flow
Ear wax removal
Minor Joint Injections

Our Services and Pricing

Discount Price List

**Discount prices are for patients who do not have insurance and patients with high deductibles, who pay at the time of service. **